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The Time Box Nero d’Avola

The Time Box Nero d’Avola is truly a special box. With its strongly motivational character, it is designed to take care of ourselves, or the people we love, and give us the joy of “time”. It’s food for the mind, for the soul, for our thoughts.
What you will find:

  • 1 x The Time Box
    twenty-three illustrated and elegant cards with ideas, methods and advice on how to organise time more efficiently and with greater satisfaction. The Time Box is an original work by Alessandro Costantino. Scroll down to read more.
  • 1 x Lu Cori, Nero d’Avola, wine, Cantine Barnera, 75o ml
  • 60 gr IGP Cioccolato di Modica flavoured with Nero d’Avola 
  • 1 x 250g Formaggio di pecora affinato al Nero d’Avola
    (sheep’s cheese aged in nero d’avola wine)
  • 1 x 120g Gelée di Vino Nero d’Avola con Miele Millefiori e Cannella
    (Nero d’Avola Wine Gelée with Wildflower Honey and Cinnamon)

The cards included in The Time Box are available both English and Italian. Please, make sure you inform us which language you prefer when you place your order.






You know that

With more than ten years of experience in the field as an innovation manager, organisational consultant and expert trainer in time management, Alessandro Costantino has researched extensively, including professional courses, books and exchanges with world-class trainers. For his unique attitude, knowledge, skills and attention he is known as ‘The Gardener‘.

Through The Time Box, Alessandro has created a new, unique and original tool that sheds light on time management best practices in a simple way and with various levels of depth.

All the time in the world inside 23 cards.
The Time Box is a ticket for a unique and stimulating journey: a journey inside your time. It’s the small things that can bring about the greatest changes in life.

Each card is a stage in a precious journey on your own, with your family or at work.
Each card contains useful suggestions and practical advices for efficient use of your time, to better manage your daily activities, work and study.

alessandro costantino
Nero d'Avola

We decided to pair Alessandro’s The Time Box, which we also love and use, with products that are with products that have as their common denominator Nero d’Avola, certainly the most famous Sicilian red grape variety. It is indeed one of the most widespread throughout the island, too with a main presence in the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Siracusa. There is also a good amount of Nero d’Avola in the Ragusa area, where this grape is blended with Frappato to make the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG wines. Starting from vintage 2016 – no Nero d’Avola should be sold without a DOC or a DOCG appellation in Sicily.. Take your time to enjoy this selection of products while reading Alessandro’s cards.

In the box, you will find the famous Cioccolato di Modica IGP flavoured with Nero d’Avolaand  a bottle of Lu Cori, Nero d’Avola an organic wine produced by Cantine Barbera, in western Sicily. This is a wine with a vibrant, Mediterranean personality. The wine has a bright ruby red color with intense shades of violet; its bouquet shows marine aromas, scents of mulberries and raspberries, pickle notes and a touch of light spices. Round on the palate, with soft velvety tannins, this wine truly represents the intriguing Sicilian terroir where it is produced.

You will also find a delicious Nero d’Avola Wine Gelée with Wildflower Honey and Cinnamon a jelly whose strength is tempered by the delicacy of cinnamon and which pairs extraordinary well with both the Cioccolata and the wine. 

Take your time to enjoy this selection of products while reading Alessandro’s cards.

Pair the wine with the cioccolata and pair the gelée with the cheese.
Serve the wine at 14°-16°C.

Formaggio di pecora affinato al Nero d’Avola
whole sheep’s milk (100% Sicilian), Nero d’Avola wine, selected milk enzymes, rennet, sea salt.

Cioccolato di Modica flavoured with Nero d’Avola 60g
Cocoa past, refined cane sugar, nero d’Avola wine flavor 0.1%

Gelée di Vino Nero d’Avola con Miele Millefiori e Cannella
Nero d’Avola I.G.T. Sicilia wine (70%), sugar, lemon juice, wildflower honey (2%), cinnamon (0.06%). Gelling agent: pectin.

Store Cioccolata di Modica in a cool, dry place: chocolate fears heat and humidity. Ideally, it should be stored in a pantry away from light and heat sources.

Store the wine away from sources of heat and light and serve it at 14°-16°C.

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