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Paste di mandorla, mixed, 1000g

The paste di mandorla are typical Sicilian pastry biscuits that fully encapsulate the colours, aromas and flavours of Sicily. They are sweets that, due to their beautiful appearance and gluttony, lend themselves well to being given as gifts for any occasion.

What you will find:
1 x 1000 g of mixed almond pastries, classic, pistachio, mandarin.






You know that

The origin of the almond pastries is thought to date back to the Arabs who in the sixth century began to work almonds with sugar to produce sophisticated sweets. It is also said that in the 11th century the monks of the Martorana Convent in Palermo created the first almond pastries. Sicilian almonds are used to create these almond pastes that are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and very fragrant.

paste di mandorla(2)

Pistachio pastries are a variant of almond ones, widespread especially in eastern Sicily, in the Catania area. The almonds are processed together with the pistachios and take on the characteristic green color of Sicilian pistachios and a truly delicious taste.
Tangerine-flavoured almond pastries are a delicious variation of almond pastries, for those who like to taste them all.

Keep it in a cool place. Consume in 5 days maximum.

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