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Passata di pomodoro biologica, 420g

Only tomatoes from organic farmig and sea salt for this scrummy Passata di Pomodoro biologica, an ideal basic but versatile sauce, a real must for any respectable pantry.






You know that

A staple food of the Mediterranean diet, the tomato owes its appearance on European soil to the Spanish conquistadors.
Although the tomato, originally from Central and South America, arrived in Europe in 1540, it only began to take hold in the second half of the 1600s. Soon, the cultivation of the vegetable spread like wildfire and, finding more favourable climatic conditions, the tomato changed its appearance from golden yellow (hence the name golden apple) to its current ruby red colour.
It was not until the 1700s that the cultivation of tomatoes for food purposes began. In fact, until the 18th century, the tomato was only cultivated as an ornamental plant because its fruit (yellow-skinned at the time) was considered toxic and poisonous.

The tomato soon became the king of vegetables, due to its original flavour, ruby colour and countless beneficial properties.

Tomatoes are rich in water, which makes up more than 94 per cent; carbohydrates account for almost 3 per cent, while protein is calculated at 1.2 per cent, fibre at 1 per cent and, finally, fat accounts for only 0.2 per cent. Therefore, one hundred grams of fresh tomatoes provide only 17 Kcal.
Tomatoes contain a fair amount of vitamins, giving them antioxidant and vitaminising properties. The mineral component is also conspicuous: iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and calcium combined with citrates, tartrates and nitrates act in synergy to ensure remineralising and anti-radical properties.

The tomato is also used in cosmetics: a beauty mask with tomato has nourishing, firming and toning properties; applying tomato, glycerine and salt to the hands ensures soft, smooth skin.

Our passata di pomodoro is an ideal basic sauce to unleash your imagination and cook any type of condiments for pasta and rice, to prepare a delicious ragout or a pizzaiola style meat and for seasoning a home-made pizza.

Tomato (99% min.) from organic farmig, sea salt.

energy 90,57KJ – 21,47 kcal
total fat 0,20 g of which satured fat 0,3 g
total carbohydrates 3,48 g of which sugars 3,48 g
dietary fiber 0,89 g
proteins 1 g
salt 0,59 g

After opening, store in the fridge and consume within 3/4 days.

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