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Pesto Pantelleria, 180g - Exquisito
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Pesto Pantelleria, 180g

This Pantelleria pesto is a tribute to the Mediterranean island of the same name, loved for its capers and its precious Pantelleria passito wine. Both are key ingredients in for this exquisite pesto which you can use as a condiment for our linguine and paccheri pasta, as a dip for vegetables and as a spread for croutons.






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Located 110 km southwest of Sicily and 65 km northeast of Tunisia and with an area of 82 km2 Pantelleria is the largest volcanic satellite island of Sicily. Known for its central position in the Mediterranean Sea, an intermediate port of call between Africa and Sicily, Pantelleria is characterised by the uniqueness of its landscape, in which natural elements (blocky lava flows, creeks and stacks) are complemented by man-made constructions: the dry stone walls, which contain the land, demarcate properties and protect against the wind; the particular Pantesco gardens, almost always cylindrical constructions in dry lava stone masonry that protect the citrus fruits from the wind and control the micro-climatic effects to ensure the right amount of water for the plant, since the island naturally lacks it; the dammusi, rural buildings with thick dry-stone walls, cubic, white domed roofs and round-arched openings, atavistic examples of bio-climatic architecture, now converted into even luxury dwellings. Giorgio Armani and Madonna are among the celebrities who own dammusi on the island.

It is noted for its Passito di Pantelleria, a sweet wine made from the local Zibibbo grape. UNESCO inscribed the traditional agricultural practice of cultivating the vite ad alberello – head-trained bush vines – in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Magical and unspoiled, declared National Park for 80% of its territory, Pantelleria is a joy for trekkers, mountain bikers, divers.

Pantelleria pesto pairs great with our Exquisito pasta, especially linguine and paccheri, but also as a spread in bread croutons for tasty appetisers and aperitifs. Our Pesto Pantelleria has a perfect consistency. Heat it over a low heat before seasoning pasta and, if necessary add a tablespoon of water.

Linguine with Pesto Pantelleria

Italian sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, TUNA in oil (Thunnus Albacares), capers, wild fennel seeds, wine vinegar.

energy 2003KJ – 557 kcal
total fat 52 g of which satured fat 6,3 g
total carbohydrates 13 g of which sugars 11 g
proteins 7 g
dietary fiber 4,5 g
salt 0,26 g

Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of around 10°. Once opened, cover with oil, keep in the fridge and consume within 4/5 days.

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Siciliano pesto
gr. 180, glass jar

  • Ingredients: 
  • Nutritional facts per 100 gr.: energy 2105KJ – 511 kcal / total fat 52 gr of which satured fat 7,2 gr / total carbohydrates 5,9 gr of which sugars 5,1 gr / dietary fiber 1,2 gr / proteins 4,2 gr / salt 0,12 gr
  • Storage time and conditions: 18 months from date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of around 10°. Once opened, cover with oil, keep in the fridge and consume within 4/5 days.

You may also find our Exquisito Siciliano pesto in our I Pastari Box , have a look!

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