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Sugo Nebrodi, 280g - Exquisito
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Sugo Nebrodi, 280g

A truly exquisite red sauce we named after the beautiful Nebrodi mountains in the north of Sicily. Starring sausages, bacon, porcini mushrooms, black olives. So yummy!






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The Nebrodi Mountains, together with the Madonie to the west and the Peloritani to the east, make up the Sicilian Apennines. They face, to the north, directly onto the Tyrrhenian Sea, while their southern limit is marked by Mount Etna, in particular by the Alcantara river and the upper course of the Simeto.

The Nebrodi is a mountain range that runs along the north east of Sicily. Together with the Madonie and the Peloritani, they form the Sicilian Apennines. In 1993 large areas of the Nebrodi Mountains were made into national parkland that covers 856.87 km², one of the largest protected area in Sicily. The natural landscape of the Nebrodi is characterised by rich forests, wide green high-altitude pastures, silent lakes and flowing streams that contrast with the more common image of an arid, sun-baked Sicily. Livestock breeding (mainly cattle, but also horses) is practised there in a non-intensive manner, and there is an indigenous breed of pig (Nero dei Nebrodi) that lives in a semi-wild and wild state.

The local foodstuffs of the Nebrodi find their highest expression in the dairy products: the sweet or spicy canestrato, the tasty pecorino, the fragrant provola and the delicate ricotta are, still today, processed by the skilled hands of the shepherds. Also renowned are the cured meats made from the meat of the Nebrodi black swine; fine are the productions of olive oil, honey, hazelnuts, pistachios and wild berries; tasty are the preserved tomatoes, mushrooms and aubergines; the sweets (pastareale, chiacchiere, ramette, crispelle, fried milk, giammelle, almond paste) are much appreciated. The cuisine is sober and essential and reserves ancient flavours (handmade macaroni, grilled mutton, roast kid) to be enjoyed in the characteristic trattorias.

It pairs great with our fusilloni pasta.
If you prefer to go with gluten-free product Nebrodi finds a perfect match with our pea fusilloni pasta.

Fusilloni pasta or Pea fusilloni pasta with Nebrodi sauce and grated parmigiano cheese

tomato pulp, sausage, bacon, dried porcini mushrooms, onion, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, whole sea salt, sugar

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