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monthly subscription - Exquisito
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monthly subscription

Silver Club
Subscription is € 81 per month, you save € 5 on each box!

Renewal every month. Cancel anytime.

Your Silver Club membership includes:

  • monthly delivery of our Exquisito box which  typically includes 7 to 9 different (and sometimes even more!) full size hard-to-come-by food products that are most representative of the featured region.
  • special membership benefits
    See full description below

81.00 / 30 days





As a Silver Club Member you enjoy he following special benefits:

  • by subscribing your monthly payment plan you pay every box only € 81 per month and save € 5 on each box!
  • Your payment will be automatically renewed every month but you can cancel anytime.
  • You will receive your monthly delivery of the best small-batch fine food products sourced from independent artisan makers across the Mediterranean.
    Each Exquisito box typically includes 7 to 9 (and sometimes even more!) different full size hard-to-come-by food products that are most representative of the featured region.

You will also get:

  • your Exquisito Silver Membership Card with your first box
  • your complimentary Exquisito Bag with your first box
  • along with delicious fine foods, you’ll receive your exclusive access to our Exquisito Magazine containing each month information regarding specifically the box of the month, the gastronomical history of the products and the region they come from, easy fun-to-follow recipes to cook, tips & suggestions about how to match the products in the box
  • you might also receive complimentary sample products which will be featured in future boxes
  • priority access to limited signature products & special editions with previews and advanced booking
  • our monthly newsletter to stay updated and receive dedicated products, offers and benefits
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