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Frastuca - Exquisito
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Frastuca is our Christmas tribute to the Sicilian pistachio. Frastuca, in fact, means pistachio in Sicilian. Native to the Middle East, in Italy pistachio is cultivated especially in Sicily, where it is widespread in various areas of the island with quality productions, although the PDO certified production areas are Bronte and Raffadali.
What you will find:

  • 1 x Pistachio panettone, 1kg/1000 gr
  • 1 x Pistachio liqueur cream, cl 50, AbV 17%
  • 1 x gr. 180 Pistacchio Pesto
  • 1 x 500g busiate pasta flavoured with pistachio







You know that

Pistachio is a fruit tree known since ancient times, so much so that it seems to have been cultivated by the ancient Sumerians, who exported this crop from the areas south of the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean basin. In Italy it is grown almost exclusively in Sicily, especially on the slopes of Etna and in the province of Agrigento, although there are also pistachio groves in Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia and Sardinia. It can reach a height of around 11-12 meters, but generally stops at 5-6 meters. Flowering occurs in April and the fruit is harvested in September-October. Pistachio is very long-lived and reaches an age of about 300 years, but it has a very slow growth. It lends itself to various uses in the kitchen, for savoury pestos, sauces, breading, sweet creams and desserts.

panettone artigianale

Although panettone originated in northern Italy, Sicily is home to some of the best. We love to find the perfect combinations of local ingredients to add to the basic recipe of the panettone, without covering its original taste.

Our handcrafted panettone cakes are the result of our passion for key fresh ingredients, zero kilometre sourced. In fact, they are made with our wheat flour obtained from grains cultivated in in the south west of Sicily which does not undergo any chemical treatment. We use Sicilian fruit that is candied strictly by hand, egg yolks from fresh eggs, butter, natural flavourings and honey. When we cannot use our own products, we turn to controlled suppliers.

A natural leavening process gives a fragrant and much softer dough.

Our panettoni are produced in limited numbers and usually upon reservation.

This means you always have a fresh and scented panettone on your table. Don’t focus on the calories, once a year a delicious treat is allowed. Better think about the wise decision to choose a genuine, artisanal and non-industrial product.

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, therefore the panettone will be delivered to you in an elegant recycled cardboard package. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot avoid the plastic bag that protects the panettone, but we are working on it and hope to find a solution soon.

Our panettoni are a joy to the palate and the perfect grand finale to any Christmas meal and event. Whether at home, as a gift for family and friends or as a corporate gift, it will always be an exquisite choice.

Indulge in a delightful culinary journey with a meal centered around the rich and earthy flavors of pistachio products.
You can spread the pesto on croutons or season the bisiate pasta with it. 
Pair the pistachio liqueurs with the pistachio panettone at the end of the meal. 

  • Pistachio busiate with pistachio pesto and sautéed bacon.
  • Pistachio busiate with ricotta cheese cream, pistachio pesto and sausages.

Pesto Pistacchio
PISTACHIOS, toasted Avola ALMONDS, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, basil, black pepper, whole sea salt.

Busiate di grano duro al pistacchio
Durum wheat, pistachio 3%

Crema di liquore al pistacchio
Water, sugar, alcohol, pistachio paste 9% (pure pistachio paste, may contain traces of other nuts, lupins and soybeans), skim milk powder. Colorants: E100, E131

Pistachio panettone
soft WHEAT flour, water, BUTTER, sugar, fresh EGG YALK, natural yeast made from soft WHEAT flour, natural flavourings, honey, salt, emulsifier E471.
Internal filling: PISTACHIO 40%, sugar, non-hydrogenated oils and fats, modified starch, powdered MILK, lactose, soya lecithin, flavouring.
Coating: sugar, fully hydrogenated fractionated vegetable fat (palm kernel), WHEY powder, low-fat cocoa powder (5%), whole MILK powder, emulsifiers E322 (sunflower lecithin), E492, flavourings, PISTACHIO kernels.

Serve the Pistachio liqueur cream cold, keep it in the freezer.

Store the Pesto Pistachio in a cool, dry place at a temperature of around 10°. Once opened, cover with oil, keep in the fridge and consume within 4/5 days.

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Pistachio Panettone g 1000/1 Kg pistachio chocolate icing and pistachio powder sac a poche with pistachio cream Pistachio liqueur cream cl 50 Ingredients: water, sugar, alcohol, pistachio paste 9% (pure pistachio paste, may contain traces of other nuts, lupins and soy), skimmed milk powder. Colorants: E100, E131 Alcoholic Grade: 17% vol. Almond and pistachio pastries 10 pieces, individually wrapped Ingredients: sugar, almonds, chicken egg white, chicken egg, pistachios, vanillin IGP Modica chocolate with pistachio gr. 100, individually wrapped Ingredients: cocoa mass, refined cane sugar, pistachio 16.7%. Pistacchio Pesto gr. 180, glass jar Ingredients: pistachios, toasted Avola almonds, Parmiggiano Reggano cheese, basil, black pepper, whole sea salt  Nutritional facts per 100 gr.: energy 3056KJ – 741 kcal / total fat 71 gr of which satured fat 10 gr / total carbohydrates 12 gr of which sugars 3,4 gr / dietary fiber 4,8 gr / proteins 11 gr /  sodium 0,89 gr


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