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Formaggi Storici - Exquisito
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Formaggi Storici

Formaggi Storici box includes our selection of DOP and historical Sicilian cheeses, traditional artisan cheese productions that are distinguished by a high character of biodiversity. These cheeses are paired with fine local specialties and washed by a 100% Perricone organic wine.
What you will find:

  • 1 x 250 g approx Ragusano DOP cheese
  • 1 x 250 g approx Piacentino Ennese DOP cheese
  • 1 x 400 g aprrox Tuma Persa cheese
  • 1 x 250 g Caciomarsala Riserva Oro cheese
  • 1 x g 240 Arance rosse e finocchi con miele di zagara e pepe nero
    (Blood oranges and fennel with orange blossom honey and black pepper)
  • 1 x 200 Pere e Zafferano
    (Pear and Saffron jam)
  • 1 x g 60 Confettura di Fichi al Marsala
    (Marsala Fig Jam )
  • 1 x 180 Agrodolce di cipolla rossa
    (Sweet & sour red onions)
  • Microcosmo, 100% Perricone, Cantine Barbera, organic wine


Photographs of cheeses are indicative of each type.
Cheese is unsuitable for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk proteins. It may contain traces of nuts and therefore unsuitable for people allergic to this allergen.
The weight of cheese is approximate and may vary slightly from the indicated weight.






You know that

Produced by a single cheesemaker, Salvatore Passalacqua, using only milk from the pastures in the wild or semi-wild state of Castronovo di Sicilia and neighboring municipalities, Tuma persa has an interesting history. Around 1990 Raffaele Rubino, a well-known Neapolitan researcher, discovered a series of essays on dairy products written by Alberto Romolotti collected in a volume “Le vie del latte” published in 1936. Among the essays was one dedicated to the cheeses of Sicily in which the cheeses produced on the island that Romolotti had tasted during his lifetime were summarized. Among these, Rubino’s attention was drawn precisely to the Tuma persa, a cheese of which he had lost track. Romolotti had described the aroma and flavor of the Sicilian cheese as a mix of fruit and cooked milk, sweet taste and slightly spicy aftertaste. The peculiarity of this cheese convinced Salvatore to bring Tuma Persa back to life, following a meeting with Rubino that was followed by numerous attempts to faithfully reproduce the aroma and flavor described by Romolotti.
The cheese is the result of milking whole cow’s milk with the subsequent addition of kid rennet paste. It has an ochre-yellow rind, which is destined to turn dark after a blanket with oil and ground pepper. The flavor of Tuma persa fluctuates between sweet and spicy, a characteristic resulting from the aging process, without ever being salty, characterized by a long and aromatic aftertaste reminiscent of blue cheeses.

Piacentino Ennese is one of Sicily’s historic PDO-certified cheeses. Some publications from the 4th century tell of a cheese made with the addition of precious saffron stigmas. It is an aged pressed sheep’s milk cheese made from whole, raw sheep’s milk from the certain native Sicilian breeds, to which saffron and black peppercorns are added. Lamb rennet is added to the whole sheep’s milk. It is produced in the territory of the province of Enna, in the center of Sicily. The curd is cooked at a temperature of about 45° then cut into coarse pieces and placed in rush baskets where it will be dry salted and left to rest for at least sixty days. The addition of saffron and black peppercorns characterize the flavor. The cheese is then ripened under scald for 3-4 hours, and then rested for a full day. After about a week, it moves on to the dry salting stage, which is done by hand on each wheel. For the next month, Piacentino Ennese is continuously turned over so that the salt is spread on all its sides. Cheeses that exceed 30 to 40 days of aging are salted again. Piacentino Ennese PDO has a rind with a vibrant golden yellow color, and its flavor is distinctive and varies from delicate to intense depending on maturity, with hints of saffron varying with age. The paste is smooth and more or less intense yellow in color, due to the presence of saffron, and also has black peppercorns.

Indulge in combining cheeses with jams. We particularly like Piacentino Ennese with pear and saffron jam.

DOP Ragusano Cheese
Cow’s milk, salt, lamb rennet paste

DOP Piacentino Ennese
Raw sheep milk, lamb rennet, salt, black peppercorns, saffron 0,1%

Tuma Persa
Thermized whole cow’s milk (of Italian origin), salt, lamb rennet paste, milk enzymes, oil and crushed pepper.

Pere e Zafferano
pears, brown sugar, Syracuse IGP lemon juice, saffron

Agrodolce di cipolla rossa
red onion, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, sugar, whole sea salt


DOP Ragusano Cheese
energy 1563KJ – 376 kcal / total fat 28 gr of which satured fat 22 gr / total carbohydrates 0 gr of which sugars 0 gr / proteins 31 gr /  salt 2,8 gr

DOP Piacentino Ennese
energy 1594 KJ-384 Kcal / total fat 28 gr of which satured fat 31 gr / total carbohydrates 0,80 gr of which sugars 0 gr / proteins 27 gr /  salt 1,8 gr

Tuma Persa
energy 1810 KJ – 435 Kcal / total fat 33,5 gr of which satured fat 3,4 gr / total carbohydrates 0,80 gr of which sugars 0 gr / proteins 27 gr /  salt 1,8 gr

Agrodolce di cipolla rossa, sweet and sour red onions
energy 840KJ – 202 kcal / total fat 13 gr / satured fat 1,9 gr / total carbohydrates 2,8 gr of which sugars 0,4 gr / proteins 30,80 gr / salt 1,2 gr


Store the cheese in the fridge at a temperature of 4°C and once opened wrap in cling film.
Once opened, store the preserved in the fridge, too.

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