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Cantine Barbera – easy

Three organic wines without frills, easy to drink and share signed by Cantine Barbera, located in western Sicily, in the coastal area of Menfi which is entitled of a DOC.
Three wines to travel and discover the Menfi territory and its distinctive characteristics: freshness and from the sea, the pleasantness of the from the light, fragrance and from the wind.
What you will find:

  • Tivitti, Inzolia Menfi DOC, 2022, white wine
  • La Bambina, Nero d’Avola Menfi DOC, 2022, rosé wine
  • No Trix, Perricone Terre Siciliane IGT, 2022, red wine








You know that

CANTINE BARBERA is located in western Sicily, in the coastal area of Menfi which is entitled of a DOC. Marilena Barbera is the heart and soul of the winery, an independent winegrower as she likes to introduce herself.  She practises organic farming, natural winemaking, utmost respect to Menfi’s terroir. No herbicides or synthetic fertilizers nor any other systemic farm chemicals that may alter the environment’s health and its rich biodiversity are allowed. At the winery, she works only with spontaneous fermentations and non-invasive winemaking practices, in order to respect the unique personality of Sicilian native grape varieties and the beautiful land to which they belong.
Cantine Barbera obtained organic certification in 2016 and is in the process of biodynamic certification.

Located between the valley of the Belice and Carboj rivers, Menfi lies along the south-western coast of Sicily, between the area of the temples of Selinunte and the area of the archaeological excavations of Eraclea Minoa. The coastal strip of the municipality of Menfi, which borders the Mediterranean Sea, extends for about 10 km and is characterised by a sandy beach with the presence of the natural phenomenon of dunes. The dunes in fact invade the hinterland for several hundred metres and have characteristics of mobility and insubstantiality due to the low rainfall, the African heat, and the intensity of the winds. The seaside village of Porto Palo and the locality of Lido Fiori are part of Menfi. For several years now, the area has boasted the Blue Flag, an award given by the FEE to the best European coastal resorts, and the Green Flag for the best beaches for children (Porto Palo beach).
Wine is one of the main production activities in the area and with over 6000 hectares under cultivation, Menfi is considered one of the largest vineyards in Europe. One of the most important events in the town of Menfi is Inycon, the food and wine festival that focuses on the area every year in June, introducing the flavours and aromas of this part of Sicily. The period in which Inycon takes place is perfect for enjoying a holiday in Menfi, being able to enjoy the beach of Porto Palo di Menfi, the enchanting seaside hamlet located along the Agrigento coast.

Let’s explore and try to understand what this Cantine Barbera – easy box bring in the glass:

  • Tivitti, Inzolia Menfi DOC, 2022, white wine
  • La Bambina, Nero d’Avola Menfi DOC, 2022, rosé wine
  • No Trix, Perricone Terre Siciliane IGT, 2022, red wine

Tivitti is a 100% Inzolia planted in Tenuta Belicello, Vigne in Costa, from a vineyard planted in 2007 and trained in the espalier system. Harvesting takes place overnight in the first week of September. After a 36-hour maceration, the wine ferments from wild yeast pied-de-cuve in steel tanks and matures for 2 months on fine lees.

A very bright wine like the light of Sicilian summer mornings, it has a brilliant straw colour with golden hues. In its very expressive bouquet one recognises hints of citrus fruits, almond blossom, broom, white peach and aromatic herbs. The wine has a very savoury finish, thanks to the marine minerals in which the Belicello soil is rich. Its intense sapidity on the palate is rendered harmonious by a soft, flowing texture and an acidity that is never too intrusive.

The Inzolia from Belicello’s young vineyards is versatile, pleasant, with a dynamic and satisfying sip, and Tivitti is perfect with fish, especially fried fish, and with seafood linguine. 
About 14,000 bottles/year are produced.

Alcohol above volume: 12%
Serving temperature:
When to drink this wine: perfect wine to drink straight away, but can evolve well 2-3 years if kept to rest in the cellar.

About Inzolia
is an ancient native Sicilian grape variety that has been present in our territory for more than 2,500 years. Introduced by the Greeks during the colonisations of the 8th century B.C., it evolved from crosses between varieties brought by the colonists and some indigenous varieties that were already cultivated in the western part of Sicily by the the Elymians and Sicans, the. populations that inhabited that part of the island.
Inzolia is a vigorous vine, very resistant to drought and brackish environments, therefore it is well suited for cultivation along the coast, where it develops it adapts extremely well.

La Bambina is obtained from a blend of 80% Nero d’Avola, 20% Frappato, from a 2007 planting with espalier training, the grapes are harvested by hand in early September, then pressed directly without any maceration. The must ferments by pied-de-cuve of wild yeasts in steel tanks and matures for 3 months on fine lees.

Its delicately coppery colour preludes to a fragrant bouquet of wild rose and wild strawberry, pomegranate, watermelon and lemon peel. Savoury and crisp on the palate, it is a wine of great pleasantness, whose persistence is accentuated by an iodised, almost seafaring finish.

La Bambina is perfect as an aperitif paired with dried fruits such as hazelnuts, toasted almonds and pistachios from Bronte; it also goes well with summer dishes such as rice and pasta salads, grilled vegetables, delicate cheeses and fish. Marilena’s favourite pairing is with sushi, where the savoury and spicy component of the wasabi is balanced by the softness of the wine.
We think it pairs very well with our Aperitivo Mare box!
About 10,000 bottles/year are produced.

Alcohol above volume: 12%
Serving temperature:
When to drink this wine: perfect wine to drink straight away during the summer season and early fall.

If you are more a wine cocktail fan side, here’s a list of cockatils that Cantina Barbera has designed with a mixology specialist!


Vibrant and assertive, NoTrix is produced from 100% Perricone grapes from young vines planted in
Tenuta Belicello, Vigna del Pozzo.

Manual harvesting took place in mid-September.
The grapes fermented spontaneously for 6 days in steel, where the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. Matured for 5 months in a non-toasted Slavonian oak vat, which guarantees an age potential of 2-3 years in the bottle. No Trix is a wine with a brilliant ruby colour, intense and playful hints of red fruits and geranium flowers.
Its solid and well-integrated tannins support a medium-bodied, agile and dynamic palate, where spicy notes of ginger and star anise accompany the drink towards a saline and very persistent finish.

We like it with prosciutto crudo, cured meats and medium-aged cheeses, red meats and first courses. It pairs very well with our Formaggi Storici Box.

Alcohol above volume: 12,5%
Serving temperature:
When to drink this wine: perfect wine to drink straight away, but you can let ir rest for 2-3 years in your cellar.

About Perricone
is a red grape variety introduced by the Greeks in Sicily around the 8th century B.C. where it has adapted perfectly to the climatic conditions of western Sicily, becoming one of the vines that best represent the identity and vocation of this extraordinary terroir.

Also known by its synonyms of Tuccarino, Guarnaccio and Pignatello, Perricone has been used over the centuries for the elaboration of Marsala Ruby, becoming the most widespread red grape variety in the mid-1800s, with a total extension of around 34,000 ha.

Badly damaged by phylloxera, the Perricone vineyards were replanted on American vines and managed to return to their former glory at least until the mid-1950s.
Then, with the Marsala crisis and the consequent collapse of the local wine economy, an unstoppable succession of uprooting began that today relegates Perricone to a total area of just over 200 hectares.

Its fate seemed sealed until, about ten years ago, a small group of winemakers began to recover the old vineyards and resume vinification with extreme success.

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