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Aperitivo Veggie

For those who go vegetarian, our Aperitivo Veggie is a symphony of delicous flavours with a combination of eight different fine preserves.
What you will find:

  • 1 x 280 g Caponata di carciofi, appetizer
  • 1 x 280 g Fuoco, appetizer
  • 1 x 280 g Peperonata, appetizer
  • 1 x 280 g Capriccio, appetizer
  • 1 x 280 g Olive con cuore di Mandorle (olives with heart of almonds), appetizer
  • 1 x 180g Agrodolce di cipolla rossa, appetizer
  • 1 x 180g I Mori, paté/dip
  • 1 x 180g Pantesco, paté/dip








You know that

The main ingredient for both the Caponata di Carciofi and Capriccio are artichockes, carciofi in Italian. Both are time consuming and labour intensive preparations. Only seasonal artichokes are used to prepare Caponata di Carciofi and Capriccio. Artichickes are individually hand-cleaned, removing all the tough outer leaves, the thorny top, the barbette if present, and the bitter outer part of the stem. Only the heart remains, which is cut into slices and then placed in water and lemon juice to avoid blackening. Needless to say that artichokes are always of high quality and from farm-to-table. 


The main ingredient for our famous Agrodolce di cipolla rossa is Red onion, or Allium cepa, a biennial bulbous herbaceous plant that belongs to the Liliaceae family. The edible bulb grows and develops underground. The surface part, on the other hand, is formed by a long stem which then forms a white inflorescence.
Red onion helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, contains vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, selenium, iodine, zinc and magnesium. It has anti-flu, anti-hemorrhagic, vein and artery tonic properties. It is famous for its diuretic and depurative powers. It also helps reduce coughs and has a beneficial effect on asthma. The red colour of the outside is due to the presence of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidan.
With its sweet-spicy flavour, pleasant aroma and sour note, it gives the preparation an original and delicious taste.


Mix and match according to your taste.
Do not forget to pair our selection of fine products preferably with some fresh crusty bread, but breadsticks and saltine crackers are also fine.

Caponata di carciofi, appetizer
artichokes, celery, capers, green olives Nocellara etnea, onion,
tomato puree, sultanas, pine nuts, olive oil, vinegar, sugar, tomato extract

Fuoco, appetizer
dried cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, chilli peppers, anchovies, capers, black olives, fennel seeds, Nero d’Avola wine
vinegar, Passito di Pantelleria wine

Capriccio, appetizer
artichokes in wedges, black olives, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, vinegar, sea salt

Olive con cuore di mandorle, appetizer
pitted green olives, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, toasted Sicilian ALMONDS

Agrodolce di cipolla rossa, appetizer
red onion, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, sugar, whole sea salt, traces of sunflower oil

I Mori, paté/dip
black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, basil

Pantesco, paté/dip
capers, extra virgin olive oil, toasted Sicilian almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, Passito di pantelleria wine

Caponata di carciofi, appetizer
energy 660KJ – 159 kcal / total fat 12 gr / satured fat 1,8 gr /
total carbohydrates 7,5 gr of which sugars 4,6 gr / dietary fiber 4,3 gr
/ proteins 3,2 gr / salt 0,45 gr

Fuoco, appetizer
energy 1433KJ – 347 kcal / total fat 21 g of which satured fat 1,7 g / total carbohydrates 11 g of which sugars 1,3 g / dietary fiber 31 g / proteins 13 g /  sodium 0,2 g

Capriccio, appetizer
energy 1337KJ – 325 kcal / total fat 33 g of which satured fat 3,7 g / total carbohydrates 2,4g of which sugars 0,8 g/ dietary fiber 4,5 g / proteins 2,3 g /  sodium 0,05 g

Olive con cuore di mandorle, appetizer
energy 2054KJ – 499 kcal / total fat 53 g of which satured fat 5,4 g / total carbohydrates 2,1 g of which sugars 0,9 g / dietary fiber 2,5 g / proteins 2,2 g /  sodium 0,02 g

Agrodolce di cipolla rossa, appetizer
energy 840KJ – 202 kcal / total fat 13 gr of which satured fat 1,9gr / total carbohydrates 18 gr of which sugars 18 gr / dietary fiber 2,1 gr / proteins 2,1 gr /  sodium 1,7 gr

Store the preserves in a cool, dry place at a temperature of around 10°. Once opened, cover with oil, keep in the fridge and consume within 4/5 days.

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