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Aperitivo Mare - Exquisito
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Aperitivo Mare

Feel the smell of the sea, listen to the waves rocking. The water touches you giving coolness from the summer heat and leaving the taste of salt on your skin. What you need is just APERITIVO MARE box.
What you will find:

  • 1 x 200 g Pesce Spada con Confettura di Gelsi (swordfish with mulberry jam)
  • 1 x 200 g Tonno, menta, uva passa e pinoli (tuna, mint, sultanas and pine nuts)
  • 1 x 200 g Sgombro in olio di oliva (mackerel in olive oil)
  • 1 x 200 g Crema di affumicati misti (Cream of mixed smoked fish)
  • 1 x 280 g Peperonata
  • 1 x 180 g Agrodolce di cipolla rossa
  • 1 x 160 g Chutney Arance e Finocchi (oranges and fennel chutney)
  • 1 x Coste al Vento, Grillo, Cantine Barbera, organic wine








You know that

CANTINE BARBERA is located in western Sicily, in the coastal area of Menfi which is entitled of a DOC. Marilena Barbera is the heart and soul of the winery, an independent winegrower as she likes to introduce herself.  She practises organic farming, natural winemaking, utmost respect to Menfi’s terroir. No herbicides or synthetic fertilizers nor any other systemic farm chemicals that may alter the environment’s health and its rich biodiversity are allowed. At the winery, she works only with spontaneous fermentations and non-invasive winemaking practices, in order to respect the unique personality of Sicilian native grape varieties and the beautiful land to which they belong.
Cantine Barbera obtained organic certification in 2016 and is in the process of biodynamic certification.

Coste al Vento, is made out of  Grillo 100%, one of Sicily’s most interesting grape varieties, obtained in 1873 by agronomist Antonio Mendola through the crossing of two ancient indigenous varieties: Catarratto and Zibibbo.
Son of generous lands, with clayey, fertile and deep soil, rich in minerals, Coste al Vento gives us a full and ripe fruit that blends with the salty notes carried by the sea winds, in a harmonious crescendo made original by maceration on the skins for seven days and fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Coste al Vento is an extremely pleasant and versatile wine for pairing. A wine with structure, which often reaches alcohol contents of around 13° while maintaining a surprising freshness and very agile drinking, even after a few years of ageing. The reason lies in the evident sapidity given to the wine by the marine terroir to which it belongs, which compensates for the warmer sensations generated by the alcohol and makes it dynamic and satisfying.

The pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) is a vegetable belonging to the Solanaceae family, to which tomatoes, potatoes and aubergines also belong. Peppers are the summer vegetable par excellence, characterised by the typical colours of this season, yellow, red and green, they are not only tasty but also rich in beneficial effects. Their antioxidant properties, due to their high content of vitamin A, C and beta-carotene, and their diuretic and depurative properties are remarkable. They are also rich in mineral salts, especially potassium, making them perfect allies of the cardiovascular system. The three different colours of peppers are not due to the species they belong to, but rather to their different degree of ripeness, as all peppers are initially green even though there are some organoleptic differences. Red ones have a crunchy, sugary flesh, yellow ones are juicy and tender, while green ones have a fleshy flesh and a sweet taste.

We suggest to prepare croutons pairing:
– mackarel with the sweet and sour onions
– mackarel with peperonata
– cream of mixed smoked fish with oranges and fennel chutney.

Pesce Spada con Confettura di Gelsi (swordfish with mulberry jam)
Swordfish 60%, black mulberry jam 10%, olive oil 29,5%, sea salt0,5%.

Tonno, menta, uva passa e pinoli (tuna, mint, sultanas and pine nuts)
Tuna 65%, olive oil 29%, mint-raisins and pine nuts 5%, salt 1%.

Crema di affumicati misti (Cream of mixed smoked fish)
Smoked swordfish, smoked tuna, olive oil, salt.

Agrodolce di cipolla rossa
red onion, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, sugar, whole sea salt, traces of sunflower oil

peppers, potatoes, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, tomato puree, onion, sugar, vinegar

Chutney di Arance e Finocchio (oranges and fennel chutney)
oranges 45% cane sugar, fennel (20%), onion, white wine vinegar, salt, black pepper


Pesce Spada con Confettura di Gelsi (swordfish with mulberry jam)
energy 989J – 300 kcal / total fat 20,1 gr of which satured fat 2,6 gr / total carbohydrates 0 gr of which sugars 8 gr / dietary fiber 0 gr / proteins 22,9 gr / salt 1,6 gr

Tonno, menta, uva passa e pinoli (tuna, mint, sultanas and pine nuts)
energy 1164J – 280 kcal / total fat 19,3 gr of which satured fat 3,1 gr / total carbohydrates 1,4 gr of which sugars 0,8 gr / dietary fiber 24,7 gr / proteins 0,8 gr / salt 1,1 gr

Crema di affumicati misti (Cream of mixed smoked fish)

energy 660KJ – 159 kcal / total fat 12g  / satured fat 1,g / total carbohydrates 7,5g of which sugars 4,6g / dietary fiber 4,3g  / proteins 3,2g
salt 0,45g

Agrodolce di cipolla rossa
energy 840KJ – 202 kcal / total fat 13 gr of which satured fat 1,9 gr / total carbohydrates 18 gr of which sugars 18 gr / dietary fiber 2,1 gr / proteins 2,1 gr /  sodium 1,7 gr

Chutney di Arance e Finocchio (oranges and fennel chutney)
energy 909KJ – 214 kcal / total fat 01 gr of which satured fat 00 gr / total carbohydrates 53 gr of which sugars 52 gr / proteins 07gr / salt 0,11 gr


Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of around 10°. Once opened, cover with oil, keep in the fridge and consume within
4/5 days.

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