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Aceto di Vino Monovitigno Grillo Gran Riserva, 250 ml

This handcrafted  Aceto di Vino Monovitigno Grillo Gran Riserva stands out for its absolute quality and the aromas it expresses. It is obtained from Grillo, an autochthonous Sicilian white berry vine of which this artisan vinegar, made in western Sicily, an area vocated to Grillo vines, maintains the great organoleptic depth, the balanced softness and the herbaceous floral scents. Matured in barrels and also flavoured with natural maceration of fresh local produce.






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Grillo is a characteristic grape variety of the Marsala area and has particular importance in the production of Marsala DOC, of which it is one of the most widely used varieties, often together with Inzolia and Catarratto. Grillo is a vigorous grape variety that withstands heat and drought well and its production is very abundant. The berries are small, with a thick, bloom-covered skin. Vinified in purity and with the aid of cryomaceration, Grillo can give wines of great organoleptic depth, savoury, fragrant and with good longevity potential. Wines made from Grillo are light, bright straw yellow in colour. Fruity and citrus aromas are complemented by floral notes of wild flowers and orange blossom. Acidity: 7.5 %.

The small winery producing this vinegar, located in the heart of the Belìce valley, pays special attention to quality, taste and smell, with the use of small wooden barrels and a great ability to select the wine which is essential to obtain the best vinegar and barrels for ageing. Vinegars, like the great wines, mature in wood, four months for the vinegars from white wines, over a year for those from red wines.


Connoisseurs of artisanal vinegars cannot fail to appreciate the Aceto di Vino Monovitigno Grillo Gran Riserva, quite different from industrial vinegars. The industrial vinegar-making process of recent decades has diminished the value of vinegar and considerably lowered its price, to the detriment of the quality but also the personality that wine vinegar can have. Today, in fact, it is mainly deteriorated or even worse, spoilt wines that are used for vinegar-making or distillation.
In contrast, this Aceto di Vino Monovitigno Grillo Gran Riserva is produced using quality base wine, enhanced by respect for rural tradition and safety guaranteed by the use of modern processing techniques.
This artisan master vinegar makers also produce the Aceto di Vino Monovitigno Nero d’Avola Gran Riserva (red vinegar) and the impressive Aceto di Vino Marsala Superiore Dolce DOP.

Use it to add a touch of Mediterranean flavour to everyday recipes, suitable for seasoning salads and for use in meat and fish dishes, above all it releases unique fragrances and scents.

Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of around 10°.

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