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Food and more, always true local Mediterranean experiences".

Doriana Briguglio – founder

The Mediterranean is unity that derives from the diversity, contacts and interconnections developed over the millennia.

Called Mare Magnum by the Romans, the Mediterranean has always been an important route for merchants and travellers, a central highway of transportation, trade and cultural exchange between diverse peoples spanning three continents. In 2010, UNESCO recognized the unity of the area by including the Mediterranean Diet in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions regarding cultivation, harvesting, fishing , breeding, conservation, transformation, cooking and, in particular, sharing and consuming food.

Exquisito is our way of paying homage to the Mediterranean as a fundamental area in the history of humanity. Our selections are a manifesto of quality, care, biodiversity and sustainability. Mediterranean life experiences.


Our commitment

We promise taste, quality and sustainability in all our products,
both those we produce directly under the Exquisito brand,
both those we purchase from small local producers scattered throughout the Mediterranean.
We promise a tasty, fun and surprising journey along the Mediterranean and the chance to fill your pantry with our selection of local, authentic and artisanal products to enjoy together with your family and friends.
You will learn about who produces them, where and how, why through food and wine
we talk about territories, people, cultures, stories.


Each of our Exquisto Boxes is a manifesto of the Mediterranean, intense both in its unity and in the diversity of the regions that compose it.
By purchasing an Exquisito Box you will support local artisans and small producers, their territory and their community, their culture and their traditions. Thanks to them, we can eat, wear and preserve masterpieces of taste.


We produce all products under the Exquisito brand. Furthermore, we personally select every other product not under our brand. We get to know the producers, we visit the fields, production plants and laboratories. And we use all the products you find in our Exquisito Boxes in our homes and in our kitchens.
Our Exquisito Boxes are knowledge, quality and pleasure of the senses.


We believe that luxury is the time, the way, the care we dedicate to ourselves and the people we love.
We believe that true luxury is slowness.
An Exquisito box is pure luxury due to the time, manner and care with which it is made.


Contemporary luxury also means sustainability. We only use ecological packaging, completely recyclable and possibly made with recycled materials.
Respecting the environment means respecting ourselves.


By purchasing an Exquisito Box we give a precious pampering to our loved ones, to a friend, to ourselves.
With an Exquisito Box we can celebrate an anniversary, reciprocate a gesture of kindness, pay homage with taste.
An experience of pure Mediterranean lifestyle, each box contains our values ​​and our vision.
An Exquisito Box is designed to enjoy life with taste.


A family dream, a Mediterranean love story

Doriana – taste explorer

Enzo – financial manager


Mario -warehouse and logistics manager



You can buy any Exquisito Box whenever you like or you can explore our membership opportunities, subscribe your ideal plan, save money and get our selecton of Mediterranean artisan delicacies right to your door every month.



+ 39 095 7167020
+ 356 99290381




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